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Enough Wind for you?

The Halton Hills area has certainly seen enough tree pruning from Mother Nature! Tony and I have now lost a total of three trees, numerous tree limbs and branches over the past several years due to ice storms, wind storms, and micro bursts. I cancelled my showing appointment last night as the wind was crazy, and most of the roads into Georgetown were closed due to accidents, and tree carnage. I was reading, hoping the power wouldn't go out, as it did on the other side of town, and watched a huge maple on our property just go down. Away from the house, luckily!

Then as I was digesting that loss, a neighbour who was driving by, knocked on my front door to tell me that a huge spruce tree in our side yard had come up by the root, and was hovering over our garage! Even better!

Tony was at the office working. I called him and asked if he would come home. He took forever, with roads closed, and trees down. He actually saw a stop light at an intersection fly off the pole, and land across the road! Tony and the neighbour roped off the spruce tree, pulling it back off the garage, and attacked the maple in the front yard. With help from a great friend/client, who brought his chain saw, they were able to "process" the maple. Today Tony is tackling the spruce. I am here at the office, because I can't watch him. He's a risky worker, and I'll get upset!

Tony and I have been busy! The spring market has sprung! We sold a gorgeous country property, a 10 acre lot with a beautiful home last week! So happy buyers! We are also listing a home tomorrow. A brick, three bedroom home with a finished basement, an in ground pool, with updated everything in Acton. It will be on the MLS on Monday. I will send you a link to it then. It's a great property on a really good street!

I have updated the links to the newest properties on the market. Please take a look, and if there is anything you would like to view in person, please just let know! We are here to help!

Until next time!

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