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Has Spring sprung?

So we have welcomed the first day of Spring. It has been cold but sunny and I anticipate wonderful warm days and evenings to sit outside and BBQ to come! Tony and I welcome the time change though. You see, with daylight savings, we have more hours in the day to show property, as our Buyers can see that they are looking at, and can make better decisions without having to maybe schedule a second showing in the daytime, allowing everyone to manage their time a little better. Tony and I have been out in the evening showing homes a couple of times this week already!

We are still seeing a lack of inventory over the past couple of weeks. There, of course, are more additions to the market everyday, and beautiful homes are selling, but we are still seeing a longer list to sell time period, and we are seeing homes sell below list price, generally speaking. There is still competition when a very desirable home comes available, but we are seeing a trend to not hold offer dates, and allow that market to evolve more organically. I prefer that. I think that the "early bird should get the worm", and if a buyer reacts quickly, makes the decision to offer on a property, they should be rewarded for their quick action.

11 Smith Drive in Georgetown South is a sweet little detached home, a great alternative to townhouse living. This three bedroom, 3 bath home is small, but detached on a reverse pie shaped lot. Most of the townhouses and semi-detached homes in Georgetown South are going for the same or a little higher. This home offers a single car garage, a finished basement, a good size master bedroom, and some privacy in the backyard. Asking $629,900.00.

42 Baylor Crescent is located in east end of Georgetown. This is a very popular back split model in this area, perfect for families as there is lots of space! I like it as there is a fair size kitchen, a combined living and dining room, and an above grade family room with still space for a finished basement! There are three bedrooms upstairs and on the lower lever there is a room that could be used for a fourth bedroom, but I think it's a great room for a study or office. Baylor Crescent is a good street too! Asking $749,900.00.

When you click on the buttons for the higher price ranges, you will see some really lovely homes, but I decided to highlight some mid market homes and they are the ones that are selling most right now. The higher end homes are just not moving as quickly, whether it is that the "move up" isn't happening yet, or the mortgaging stress test is having an impact. Of course, if any of these homes interest you, Tony and I are available to show them to you!

If you are not all that familiar with Halton Hills, and would like to meet for a little chat and tour of the area, just ask! Tony and I will make sure our cars are clean, and comfy, we can grab a coffee, and head our to explore the areas you think you are interested in, and see a couple of homes. It's an excellent way to get acquainted with each other, and help us help you better.

Until next time...

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