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It's been a while!

I haven't updated here, but Tony and I have been working our butts off this summer! We have had one of the most successful summers we have have ever had. Now, these clients have been working with us for years, return clients, and new clients that we have been working with for some time, to find new homes in the Halton Hills area. Tony and I care about what houses our clients buy. We will work for years to help find the right one. It is testament to this program, the Halton Hills Marketwatch program, that this type of contact works, to help bring us clients, but also that these "prospects" are getting what they need from us. Our business, after 20 years is mostly referral, or web based contacts through this program. We are appreciative of that. Never think that we aren't.

The market is currently quite strong in Halton Hills, but very balanced as well. The prices have leveled off and even dropped in some areas, competition is rare right now, and there are some good homes at good prices throughout Halton Hills, the better prices in Acton. Please take a look at all the homes on the market in the price range buttons on our blog page.

Please know that we are ready, available, and excited about serving you, and your real estate needs! We are very good at what we do.

Enjoy this beautiful September day!

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