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And another new year approaches...

In this confusing time between Christmas and New Years, where you don’t know what day it is, there is always cheese around, and the clock doesn’t seem to move on time, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a lovely day, and spent some time with loved ones, and ate a great meal!

The New Year is approaching, and with that, we will welcome the future and hope to make positive changes and hope for continued health and happiness. I went to a workshop in late December with the senior analyst with GE Capital and his job is to analysis real estate and the market place, and the market, to forecast what will happen with real estate. He says that the market will continue much as it is, very balanced, slightly moving upward price wise in the spring market. The Bank of Canada seems to have suspended any further interest rate increases for the near future, as oil isn’t performing well at the present. So, with that good news, I think we should have good inventory in the spring.

We always have, in mid-January, a little flurry of activity, and then the market will quiet for a couple of weeks, and then we will see a slow increase of activity with new listings coming on and selling. This, of course, is all weather related. If we get another polar vortex winter, we may see it not too busy, as people aren’t so eager to go out and about in that cold.

Please just know that Tony and I are very grateful for your business, and that we can work with you to find your new home in the Halton Hills area. We also serve the surrounding area, north, south, east and west, and are able to get information and show you any homes that interest you.

So, on that note, Happy New Year! We look forward to continuing health, contentment, prosperity for you and yours!

All the best!

Jennifer and Tony

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