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Is Mother Nature Kidding?

This is what downtown Georgetown looks like right now! Our receptionist Leyah seems to think it's the end of the world!

Across the road you see a boarded up building, which is the old McGibbon Hotel. This is a landmark building in Georgetown, one of the best dive bars ever, and was witness to parties, weddings, dances, bar brawls, rockin' local bands, great Saturday nights for well over 100 years.

It is being re-developed as condominium apartments and they are going to get started with the construction soon. The units are going to be really lovely and the project is very high end. They will be keeping the facade, and the main floor will be retail. There is a lot of reaction from the residents in the area as to this going ahead. There are many differing opinions either way, but it is now not the bar, it is an empty building awaiting renewal.

I am deciding if I need to brush off the duty sign!

The big news the other night was whether the bubble was bursting with real estate prices in the GTA. I really think the media needs to cool it with the doom and gloom. We are all not going to lose our shirts, we will not see what our neighbours to the south dealt with 10 years ago, the market is balancing. I do feel that after last year's craziness, the market could only go down. Especially with the mortgage changes with further restrictions and rules. It is reasonable to see that after a quick rise, there will be a fall. In Halton, the prices are down about 3% according the the CTV news story I watched. And that isn't bad. For a Seller, that means that you will still have tons of equity in the investment of your property, and that it has done very well for you. As a Buyer, yes, Halton Hills is a pricey place to live, but it keeps it's value, and over time you will realize that investment as well. We are very fortunate here, to have a stable market, with demand, and different housing for each budget.

Good segue... Please check out the newest listings on the market by clicking on the blue buttons on the blog page. There have been quite a few new listings, many very lovely and some re-lists. Prices are very stable right now, and we are seeing some well negotiated sale prices, we are seeing homes that are being sold with conditions, even conditions of sale of property, and we are seeing longer list periods before sales. This is not indicative of a down market. We have been used to the low inventory, the crazy prices, and the competition, This is a balanced market, a good time to buy, as Buyers are able to think, do their homework, and not be pressured right away. Of course, there are exceptions with certain properties, as usual.

There are a few great listings new on the market in Acton. Really nice homes.

317 Westcott Road in Acton is a sweet renovated 3+1 bedroom home on a great size lot (54 x 120 ft.) in an older area. This home has been extensively remodeled, with good workmanship, offering the newest in design with renovated bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, exterior updates, newer driveway, the works! Asking $569,900.00.

41 Moultrey Crescent in Georgetown is a great family home located close to schools, the mall, and parks. This home has been updated through the years, and is super clean. The hardwood floors are in really great shape! The homes offers 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a finished basement. There is some good value here. Asking $699,900.00.

24 Somerville Road in Acton is a lovely home. This 2400 sq ft model allows for tons of living space, and it is super bright with large windows and a huge oversized sliding glass door with a transom window above that basically offers a wall of windows in kitchen! The house has light coloured hardwood flooring throughout, and is just clean and modern. The bedrooms are all a good size with the master having an en suite bathroom with soaker tub and separate shower. The basement is also finished nicely and features super large above grade windows, so it is a welcoming bright space as well. Asking $849,900.00.

If you are interested in seeing some homes this weekend, please contact us! We are available for you! Any questions? Just ask! If you are considering others areas as well, please let know. We can set you up on our daily mailing program sending you listings with your specific needs and wants in mind.

Until next time....

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