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So, Tony brought the plague upon our home. We have both been sick all week with that cold that is going around. We do not have kids, so we don't have school born sickness come into our house ever, so it is rare that we get sick, but when we do it's a whammy! Although, it seems that we were down on different days, so Tony was showing property on my worst days, and me for him. It worked out okay!

Please be careful this weekend if you are traveling in southern Ontario. They are predicting an ice storm, a pretty bad one. We had a bad one several years ago, and the carnage was pretty awesome, with so many trees down, no power for days, especially the rural areas, and it was cold. I remember Tony cleaning up the yard, getting, putting all the food in coolers on the back deck, and cooking with camping gear in the garage! We did okay with our gas fireplace, and we had hot water, so it wasn't too bad. When it was time to get a new stove, I did buy a gas range so if it ever happened again, we could cook on the stove top. It really brought out the best in people though. Everyone was checking on their neighbours, sharing food, and helping each other with the clean up. It really showed how wonderful living here, in Halton Hills is! Let's hope we do not get a repeat performance.

I have updated the button with all of the newest listings, so please take a look through. There are several re-lists with price reductions, and there are some really nice homes to see! We are seeing some more mid range price points coming on, affordable detached homes and some great town houses!

Speaking of - 115 Lynden Circle is a lovely detached town house in north Georgetown. This is an older complex with established larger trees and landscaping. This has always been a great complex, and offers good size homes with space for families. This end unit is nicely updated with renovated bathrooms, furnace and more! Asking $459,900.00.

62 Pennington Crescent is a wonderfully updated home in Georgetown, walking distance to the mall, schools, parks. Click on the photo below, and you be linked to the MLS listing and you can see all of the work that the owners have done to make this a current modern home, but with the big lots of older subdivisions. I was really impressed with the renovations, almost everything is done! The kitchen is opened up and really lovely, the bathrooms, and the finished basement is great! Asking $799,900.00.

33 Heslop Court is another home located in central Georgetown, in a high end area with custom homes built in the late 80's. This home is a traditional layout but has been completely renovated by the current owner, who recently retired, but was one of the best custom cabinetry maker in town. Everything is done with the best finishes, and quality. Truly a lovely home, backing onto the ravine. Asking $1,225,000.00.

Please let us know how we can help you! We are around, willing and able!

Please be careful on the roads this weekend, and let's hope the storm isn't as ferocious as they anticipate.

Until next time...........

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